This door has the best K/D ratio in the game.
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Players discovered a door in Call of Duty: Warzone that is to die for.


You'll die. In game, of course.

This deadly door can be found in a salt mining facility. Though it looks rather unassuming, it hides a deadly secret. Since you already read the headline, you probably figured out what that secret is. If you get too close to the door, it will instantly kill you. If you are playing with a squad, it won't kill you outright but it will put you in a downed state where you can be revived.

Multiple clips of this ass kicking door have made their way online already. The prevailing thought is that this is simply a bug. Others seem to think that this door may be tied to the random red doors that have popped up in Warzone in the latest update. These red doors allow players to rapidly travel from one section of the map to another. The problem with that theory is that this deadly door in question isn't red... and doesn't seem to open.

I'm sure it'll get fixed soon enough. Until then, have fun trolling your friends that aren't aware of this yet.