We knew it was coming.
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The end of the second season of content for Call of Duty: Warzone came not with a bang but with a really big bang. Nuclear bombs have gone off across the current iteration of the Verdansk map, but many players have apparently been left out in the cold, aka: a login queue.

Verdansk began to be nuked around 12PM (PT) today. This began with a 100-player survival against player-controlled zombies. From there, the event wrapped up with a cutscene that shows off the nuclear annihilation of Verdansk. This all sounds awesome, in theory, but a lot of players were unable to see it for themselves today. Server issues and long login queue times were what a majority of players experienced throughout the day.

Charlie INTEL has a good, though short, breakdown of what went down for those who did not get to see it for themselves.

The Destruction of Verdansk Part I playlist featured a massive circle, closing in within 12 minutes for fans to experience Verdansk and what became of it for a final time.

The event then declared that the Zombies outbreak could not be stopped, resulting in a countdown before a nuclear detonation took place.
According to sources, this big event for Call of Duty: Warzone was slated to last only until 2PM (PT). With all of the server issues and long login queues, there are going to be a lot of people that didn't get to see this happen first hand. If nothing else, at least you can see the final cutscene that plays, again thanks to Charlie INTEL.

What's next for Verdansk and Warzone? Well, if rumors hold true, we will see Season 3 begin tomorrow with an 80s version of Verdansk.