But their impact leaves a lot to be desired.
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Nukes are already launching in Call of Duty: Warzone despite the event not supposed to occur for about two weeks from now. Some players have already seen the missiles flying and landing early, but they come not with a bang but with a tepid whimper. A Redditor, AmedeeO10, noticed the missiles flying through the air during a match of King Slayer Trios.

Though the nukes were flying through the air, quite frequently at that, their impacts left a lot to be desired. The missiles that launched into the sky would "impact" the ground with no actual graphical or audio effects. That's a bummer, but understandable if they aren't actually meant to be live in the game just yet.

These nuclear missiles seem like they will mark the "end" of the current Warzone map, Verdansk, on April 22. At present, the map is fighting a losing battle against hordes of the undead. The current rumor and leaks seem to suggest that this big end of the season blast will pave the way for an 80s themed version of Verdansk with slightly altered locations.