Battlefield 2042 'Future Strike' Event Revealed


  • Battlefield 2042 'Future Strike' Event Revealed

    New in-game event begins May 28th.
    An image showing a bunch of information on the Future Strike event for Battlefield 2042, including maps, game mode, and new cosmetic items.

    DICE just shared the first details on the upcoming Future Strike event for Battlefield 2042. This upcoming in-game event will be free to all Battlefield 2042 players and is expected to run from May 28 through to June 10, 2024.

    This limited-time event adds a new alliance that is tied to the story. This is assuming you know about the story in Battlefield 2042 or even care about it to begin with, of course. The more important part is that there will be a new game mode during this period called Strike Team.

    This game mode will focus on close quarters 4v4 or 8v8 encounters. Your squad will try to capture and secure Arkangel weather stations and make sure they don't fall into Coalition hands.

    When a soldier is downed, they enter a “down but not out” state where they can still crawl and be revived. But, if they die in this downed state redeploy as an OV-P Recon Drone and spectate their squad, providing crucial information to their teammates to secure victory. Once the next round starts, all squad members are active again until they are downed or the round ends.

    Each round has a low time limit of 90 seconds. Each decision you and your squad make will impact your success. Every third round is a Shock Round where all players use the same locked loadout, selected from a list our developers have curated to put your adaptation skills to the test.

    Additionally, squads are restricted to only one Specialist in the squad and teams can see the opponent’s composition. This will allow you to strategically pick your characters to try and counter the opposition.

    The objective for each round of Strike Team is to capture the objective or completely eliminate the enemy team, which will win you a round. The first squad to win 6 rounds earns the victory!

    Strike Team is available on:
    • Stadium​
    • Breakaway​
    • Flashpoint​
    • Noshahr Canals​
    • Reclaimed​
    • Redacted​
    • Haven
    • Arica Harbor​
    • Spearhead
    • Exposure
    • Valparaiso​
    DICE will release a small update tomorrow, May 22, that addresses a few issues that popped up following the 7.2 update. Update 7.2.1 contains just a handful of fixes, which are detailed below.

    General Improvements
    • Resolved an issue which allowed Mackay to get out of bounds on Redacted.
    • Adjusted jet spawns on Kaleidoscope to ensure a safer flight path entry.
    • Resolved an issue which allowed the Penguins to use scope attachments on weapons such as the SWS-10 on Battlefield Portal servers whilst this functionality was disabled.
    • Resolved an issue which resulted in some scopes having a low level of detail on previous Xbox One and PlayStation®4 whilst inspecting them in third perspective.
    • Resolved a texturing issue on the Deep Blue King weapon cosmetic for the M5A3.
    • Class Distribution Indicators on the deployment screen when choosing a class should now correctly display the amount of individuals for each class.​
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