The things that go bump in the night.
Two soldiers looking around

Dark Creations is the name for Battlefield 2042's sixth season. Set to arrive on October 10, Dark Creations will add in a new map, new gadgets, and offer various gameplay improvements. There will also be a bunch of cosmetic items offered through the Season 6 Battle Pass, which again offers both a free track and a Premium track if you spend a bit of cash (or have enough Coins saved from previous season passes).

Some of the new quality-of-life improvements include some Aim Assist improvements for console players to "improve cross-play fairness." There will also be some balancing adjustments to the Recon class. Vehicles will have handling improvements, especially when it comes to tank turning, jet handling, adjustments to speed and gravity, and more.

In Season 6, the battleground fight takes a turn for the worse as No-Pat soldiers are captured and experimented on by a nefarious organization. Redacted, Dark Creations’ brand-new map in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, inspired by fan-favorite maps from the series’ past - like Operation Locker (Battlefield 4) and Operation Metro (Battlefield 3) - is the first map in the franchise to feature a completely indoor environment containing playspaces built for intense claustrophobic infantry-only firefights and more than a few dark secrets.

As with all new Seasons, players can expect a variety of new weapons and gadgets to find and experiment with in Dark Creations. The VHX D3 features optimized portability and performance, making it a valuable asset for close and medium-range combat. The Laugo Alien is a L9CZ pistol whose semi-automatic, highly accurate firing is best suited for close-quarters situations. Last but not least, the G428 rifle has exceptional accuracy and substantial penetration power for marksmen. New to the repertoire of gadgets are the Ammo Pouch and Health Pouch, offering players ways to assist their squads when death approaches. To help provide quick support to objectives, hop aboard the YUV-2 Pondhawk****, a dynamic two-person transport featuring flight capabilities.

****The YUV-2 Pondhawk is not playable on Redacted - will be discoverable on outdoor maps only.​
There will be a free access period for Battlefield 2042 held from October 12-16. This free access grants you access to everything in the game except for the Season 6 Premium Battle Pass. This free period will be for all available platforms.