Less explosives, category adjustments, and more.
Screenshot showing loadout options for the LAT4 Recon vehicle in Battlefield 4 for Season 5.

DICE just detailed the changes that are coming to vehicle loadouts for Battlefield 2042 in Season 5. While the general changes may not seem like a whole lot at a glance, they are rather big in the grand scheme of things. For instance, DICE is pulling explosives from several vehicles to have them be less of a "jack of all trades" sort of thing and to better fit the roles they were designed for. There is also a small shuffle to move the ELCB-Ram out of the Light Armor and into the Heavy Armor category.

The changes, highlighted below are not the full list either. DICE says that what they talk about in their latest Dev Notes feature are just a few examples of what's to come in Season 5.

LAT4 Recon

Say goodbye to the explosives on this one. All of them. The 30mm, 50mm, and Grenade Launcher are all gone. DICE is replacing them with anti-infantry weapons such as the 12.7mm HMG, 20mm Flak, 20mm Canister Shot, 7.62mm Minigun with Thermal, and 12.7mm HMG with Thermal.

EBAA Wildcat

Given that the Wildcat was supposed to be mainly anti-air and not anti-everything, DICE is removing the 57mm Cannon. In its place will be 35mm Dual AA Cannons.


Moving from Light Armor to Heavy Armor. They say this should allow both the Ram and Wildcat to be more readily available.

M5C Bolte

To help encourage a more active role for the Bolte, DICE is making the glass impenetrable from all projectiles. Passengers now get spotting capabilities. The 30mm Cannon is gone but is replaced by a 50mm Cannon and a 40mm Incendiary Grenade Launcher.


DICE is adjusting the camera movement when flying to make you feel more connected to the jet. They say "this should have the effect of allowing them to be more responsive and controllable when dogfighting." DICE is also adding vehicle control when using the reverse camera. Oh, and they're adding Rocket Pods to jet loadouts.

Other Changes

DICE is adding an option that lets you decouple aiming from turning in tanks.

The STAFF Shell no longer locks onto enemy ground vehicles on their own. They now lock onto all laser designated targets to deal extra damage.

All vehicles except the LATV4 Recon will get the Cyber Warfare Protection System as a loadout option.

Thermals will be a loadout option for vehicles on several weapon options, making it easier to spot enemies or gadgets such as Anti-Tank Mines.

All of these changes to the vehicles go hand-in-hand with the changes DICE outlined last week for both Dozer and Irish. With Season 5 still being a few weeks away, it probably stands to reason that we're not yet done being shown what Season 5 has in store for us as far as quality of life adjustments are concerned.