IMPORTANT UPDATE: The 375.63 driver has been released. This is an updated, FIXED version of the 375.57 update that was in the original news post.

This updated driver fixes an issue in Windows 10 that severely broke Tiles in the Windows 10 Start Menu in addition to the Mail app crashing constantly. For more information and download links, please see this Reddit thread.

Original: If you're getting started with Battlefield 1 today, you should update your video drivers for an optimal experience. Both ATI and Nvidia rolled out new drivers that focus on Battlefield 1, Civilization VI, Titanfall 2, and a handful of other games.

The ATI Crimson drivers are now up to version 16.10.2.
Support For:Fixed Issues

The GeForce drivers are up to version 375.57 375.63 (see top of post for update).
Game Ready
Provides the optimal experience for Battlefield 1, Civilization VI, and Titanfall 2

Game Ready VR
Provides the optimal VR experience for Eagle Flight and Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope