The latest Battlefield Hardline beta has come and gone (at least by the time you read this). Undoubtedly, the beta will have sold fence sitters on purchasing the game while others have probably decided to save their $60 for another time. Hardline finds Visceral Games at the helm, leaving DICE to presumably work on Star Wars: Battlefront. Thus the question lingering in the air is if the developer known best for the Dead Space franchise could capture the magic that made the Battlefield franchise the powerhouse it once was.

So, did they? Did Visceral manage to create a game worthy of the Battlefield name? No, absolutely not. There is nothing here that would validate spending $60 (at the bare minimum) for this game. Then of course we cannot forget the potential Premium "Season Pass" offering on top of that. Of course, it didn't all leave a sour taste in my mouth, just a good portion of it.

Call of DutyBattlefield 4Need for Speed RivalsthingBad Company games and the more "grounded" and "serious" mainline titles. Unfortunately, it comes off more that Hardline is simply having an identity crisis than anything else.

There you have it. Even after two pre-release "tests" of the game, the feeling remains that this isn't anything more than an over-priced expansion for Battlefield 4 that somehow lacks a number of the refinements that are now in Battlefield 4. Maybe the game's single player will be incredible. Even after Dead Space 3, I still have faith that Visceral can deliver a solid single player experience. However, Hardline isn't what I want in a multiplayer Battlefield game, and certainly not for $60+. If this was sold as an expansion for Battlefield 4 and priced accordingly ($20-$40), I might have been interested.

As it stands, I'm more looking forward to seeing what DICE does with Star Wars: Battlefront and its potential release in late 2015. Until then, I have a strong suspicion that Battlefield 4 will satisfy my random Battlefield itches in the coming months.