Save the date.
The Rockstar Games logo, "Trailer 1 - Tuesday, December 5 at 9AM ET" all set atop a pastel background of sunset with palm tree silhouettes.

Rockstar Games already said that the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 was coming in "early December." Now, we know just how early in December that will be.

Earlier today, Rockstar Games sent out newsletter emails and announced on social media the exact date and time for when the trailer will drop. That date is Tuesday, December 5. That time is 9AM ET.

And you know what? That's pretty much all that was said. They know full well how much hype this trailer is going to generate. All of their previous Grand Theft Auto debut trailers generated immense amounts of hype. This is also the first new Grand Theft Auto game since Grand Theft Auto 5 was first released back in September 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. That's right, an entire console generation came and went without a new Grand Theft Auto release, so the hype for Grand Theft Auto 6 is already through the roof for a lot of fans.

Beyond leaks that came about from stolen data, we know nothing official about Grand Theft Auto 6. If you never saw that leaked content, the only thing you may be able to infer from Rockstar's current tease is that Grand Theft Auto 6 will utilize a lot of pastel colors and take place in a location where palm trees are known to grow.