Two days. Over 300 games.
Text: INDIE Live Expo 2023

The biannual digital showcase focused on indie games, indie developers, indie fans, but not Indiana Jones, is set to take place from May 20 through May 21. The INDIE Live Expo 2023 will be the home to over 300 indie games and DLC that are releasing in the future or just released.

The first day will focus on new and never-before-seen full games. There will also be a look at DLC that has not been revealed yet. News and other updates will also be revealed for games that are out now that you can already play and enjoy. Day 1 will also include "INDIE Waves" segments that feature rapid-fire newsbits with new announcements. There will also be some deep dive segments that take longer, deeper looks at selected titles.

Day 2 is called "The Aftershow" and will include a bunch of longer "let's play" segments. Various influencers will play some of these new and upcoming games.

INDIE Live Expo’s 2023 summer showcase aims to build upon the massively successful INDIE Live Expo Winter 2022 event which captured more than 16 million views with the help of more than 70 simulcasters. With this year’s 300-plus titles, Japan’s premiere indie showcase continues progressing towards the milestone of highlighting 2,000 indie titles since its inception in 2020.