The handheld PC market continues to grow.
A white handheld PC gaming device sitting on a white stand.

The idea of a mobile or handheld PC isn't exactly new. Valve didn't create that market when they announced and released the Steam Deck, but the Deck is perhaps the most well-known device in that hardware category. Now, Asus is getting into the handheld gaming market with their newly announced ROG Ally.

Asus chose April Fools to be the day when they made the announcement, but it's going to be a very real device. You can already register to be informed of when pre-orders open via Best Buy.

Asus says that the Ally will run on Windows 11 and includes a custom APU developed by Asus and AMD. Other specifics haven't yet been revealed just yet. From what we can see in their three-minute long announcement video, the screen is "full HD," it features dual-fans for cooling, what looks to be stereo speakers, RGB lit dual-analog sticks, the ability to connect to a TV or monitor, and the usual controller buttons and triggers we are all familiar with by now.

Pricing and a release date have not yet been announced either. Competition is always great. While Steam Deck is probably the most popular of these devices out there, other brands such as GPD, Razer, Ayaneo, Onexplayer, and more have been around for quite some time. Logitech also recently entered into the handheld PC market with a cloud streaming only device, the G Cloud.