You want in on these 'Mons? You better fork over the cash, kid.
A closeup of a face for a yellow, long-eared creature.

Niantic, the studio behind the still relatively popular Pokemon GO asked players to stay well away from a Las Vegas park unless they purchased a $30 (USD) content pass.

A special event, called Hoenn, held in Las Vegas' Sunset Park allowed players that owned the in-game pass to enjoy some special activities. These activities were focused on content found in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. This special event was part of the Pokemon GO Tour and took place this past weekend from February 18-19.

The Hoenn event taking place at the park saw a bunch of pass owners show up alongside some 17,000 additional non-pass owners. All of these people showing up at Sunset Park allegedly overloaded the local wireless networks and made the game unplayable for most of the people there, including the ones that paid upwards of $30 for the pass.

While admittance to the park was free, tickets to the in-person gathering sold out a month prior with about 50,000 people having signed up to attend. The additional 17,000 people that showed up led to players unable to log in, disconnect from raids, and more just in the first day of the event. For the second day, Niantic tweeted out that those who do not have a ticket should just stay home.

Even with this suggestion to stay away from the park, wireless networks across Las Vegas were still having issues throughout most of Sunday. This left several fans that travelled to attend the event more than a little ticked off. Several users voiced their anger and disappointment on a Pokemon GO fan subreddit named The Silph Road.

"Pretty piss poor really - game is still unplayable for us here, can't get into raids and then constantly presented with login errors when restarting," one user wrote on the game's top fan reddit The Silph Road. "Map just going blank constantly when we do finally get in as well."
"My first and last time I'll do this," another added. "Waste of money entirely. Every add-on is essentially worthless when you can only raid like once an hour at best. Everything is horrid. Cell towers are capped and nothing is going through. Wi-Fi boosters are poorly placed and not enough of them anywhere. Eggs aren't tracked well enough. There are spots that you need to spin for missions in complete dead spots. I've spent way too much time stressing more than playing."