PvP Colosseums Coming to Elden Ring


  • PvP Colosseums Coming to Elden Ring

    A free update brings more PvP to the Tarnished masses.
    Screenshot showing armored fantasy characters fighting each other with magic, swords, and other weapons

    On December 7 (hey, that's tomorrow!), FromSoftware will release a new and free update for Elden Ring players. This one is probably only going to excite those who enjoy participating in PvP battles because that's literally all this new update is focusing on.

    When this update drops, various Colosseums around The Lands Between will open their gates, doors, and what have you to invite players to engage in a variety of player on player combat. These battles range from duels between just two players, to free-for-all battles, to team fights. The Colosseums, that you have probably seen when playing, can be located in Limgrave, Leyndell, and Caelid.

    If there is more to this update that is coming tomorrow, we haven't yet heard. FromSoftware says that this update is called Colosseum Update 1.08, so there may be some other things (like fixes, tweaks, etc.) coming. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the full changelog.

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