Yes, Crystal Dynamics is still releasing content for this game.
Marvel's Avengers - The Winter Soldier

On November 29, The Winter Soldier will join the roster of playable characters in Marvel's Avengers. Crystal Dynamics announced this in a new blog post alongside word about the Cloning Lab Omega-Level Threat in Update 2.7.

Crystal Dynamics say that The Winter Soldier will be a unique character but will share some bits of both Captain America and Black Widow will be noticeable in his moves and abilities. There will be a unique set of missions for The Winter Soldier that will focus on the character's past.

Scott Porter joins our expanding Avengers’ cast as Cap’s old sidekick: James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes, The Winter Soldier, who has escaped captivity and rejoined his friend and allies. Scott is well known from Friday Night Lights, Hart of Dixie, Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble, and reprises the role of Bucky from Lego Marvel’s Avengers. We can’t wait for you to see his take on The Winter Soldier, and you’ll first hear his work in our upcoming Winter Soldier motion comic.
That new Cloning Lab Omega-Level Threat will offer new end-game content for players. You will need to be Power Level 175 to even start the content. Good thing for you that this new content will offer new high-end gear and increase the power level cap to 185.

As seen in the No Rest for the Wicked warzone, Monica has revived MODOK but was unable to bring him under her control. The monstrous genius has now taken over AIM’s Cloning Lab, AIM’s most precious base and the source of the cloned villains that have plagued the Avengers. From there MODOK intends to take back up his crusade against powered individuals and you must stop him once and for all before he can put his plans into action.

This Omega Level Threat is a new end-game challenge headlined by a climactic confrontation with the deranged genius to end the danger once and for all. The Lab is a challenging AIM base that players will navigate before facing off one last time against MODOK in a grand multiplayer fight. MODOK has developed new tactics since players confronted him in San Francisco, and is designed to test our heroes in this new four-against-one fight.

As an OLT, Cloning Lab is designed to push a team of four high-level heroes, though it will be of similar accessible length to our previous OLT, Family Reunion. Cloning Lab requires Power Level 175 to enter will reward both new gear and higher-level gear than ever before, with the power-level cap increasing to 185.​