Genres know no bounds in this PvP, deck building, FPS.
Friends vs Friends key art

Brainwash Games and Raw Fury are combining forces to bring you Friends vs Friends. Friends vs Friends combines card deck building with competitive FPS PvP battles. Also, everyone plays as an animal, because why not. It's at least coming to PC via Steam.

Players will pick a character, build a deck with crazy cards, and then engage in FPS fights. The main modes are 1v1 and 2v2 online matches. Each game includes unique character skills, plus extra powers, weapons, and debuffs supplied by the chosen deck.

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Become a titan, invoke a friendly turret, leach health with vampire bullets and make them have a big freaking head.

Key Features
  • “Quick Match” Redefined: Play with your friends or join online matching; either way, every battle will keep you on your toes until the outrageous end.
  • Perfect Your Deck: Unlock and upgrade cards to tweak your deck between matches to fit your playstyle (and win your way up the leaderboard).
  • Choose Your Challenger: Play one of 10 characters, each with a unique ability to bring to battle… and they look cool!
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Try practice mode to get the lay of the land, or play against AI to train up your skills.
  • Play Your Cards Right: Adapt quickly to the cards in hand, the environment underfoot, and the opponent across the screen, even as post-launch content throws new characters, cards, maps, and events your way.