The widely requested feature is now available to Insiders.
Discord voice on Xbox

Discord announces that Xbox Insiders will now be able to use Discord voice chat on their consoles. This early test of the feature will roll out to non-Insiders at a later date if no major bugs are found. This was a feature that was very highly requested by users.

Prior to this voice chat integration, Discord allowed Xbox users to connect their accounts. All this really seemed to do was display information on user profiles like someone's Gamertag and current game activity.

In addition, Discord Voice through Xbox will allow users to transfer a call from the app (via desktop or mobile) directly onto their consoles through the Xbox mobile app. It seems like the steps to do this are fairly straight forward as outlined in the image below.

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If you are an Xbox Insider and you want to try this out, you will need to connect your Xbox account to Discord again, even if you did so in the past.