Reinventing a service or game is never easy, whilst there are a few that have done it in the past, it’s often not something that turns out all that well. There’s a reason why many services have a certain formula and approach that they stick to and is proven to work. Many of the biggest genres like betting for example will seem familiar in how they operate and even in the bonuses as players can check BetMGM Registration code in Ontario for bonuses for example – operators won’t try to reinvent the wheel because what works tends to work for a reason.

One game that has been trying to reinvent its image in an upcoming release is the team-based game Overwatch from Blizzard Entertainment – the first game was released back in 2016 to some middling success as the game tried to kickstart its own esports league and did gain a lot of attention particularly for eastern audiences, but the success wasn’t to last as just a few years later the community had shrunk quite substantially.

This in part was due to the release of Riot Games newest game of Valorant which brought a number of pros from one scene to another, but also because of slower content releases and limited hero pools with some approaches being much better than others too. The huge franchising cost was also a limiting factor for the esports side of things too, which was already smaller than some other games.

Overwatch 2
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Overwatch 2 has been in development for quite some time, and the goal had been to not only reinvent part of the game to bring some more excitement by falling back to a more traditional five-versus-five game mode as well as adding further hero restrictions to bring a bit more balance to the game, but if the beta is anything to go by, it doesn’t look like the same level of hype that was being hoped for is there.

Whilst the game was able to capture a huge number for viewership at one point topping 1.5 million viewers, there are some not so subtle suggestions that this was purely because of the beta keys being handed out over the course of a weekend and the sudden drop off to below 15,000 viewers when the beta key handout ended does ring some truth to this too.

Some of the promised features weren’t present in the in the beat so players couldn’t explore the player-vs-environment game mode or any of the battle pass features and similar too, but given the type of game that Overwatch is, it wasn’t expected that this would be a huge focus for players looking to either try the game or return to the game. There’s still a long way to go until the game releases too with the expectation that 2023 will be the earliest date, which puts a damper on fans hoping to get their hands on something sooner.

For some, it does seem as if the game may be already doomed to fail without too much interest from existing players and other games being of much higher competition too – but time will ultimately tell, and if Overwatch is able to reinvent itself from what it had been in the past, it may be one of the very few games to successfully do so.