The Chinese government is trying to stop the "chaos" of livestreaming.
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The Chinese government has added some new rules when it comes to how children consume various livestream content. New restrictions in China are trying to prevent children from tipping streamers as well as trying to prevent them from streaming themselves without parental consent.

A report by Reuters says that this is the latest action by the government to curtail the "chaos" of online livestreaming. China's National Radio and Television Administration said that livestreaming platforms will need to implement better controls to restrict those under the age of 18 from watching for too long. Streaming platforms will also need to "strengthen the management of peak hours" for streaming shows. Livestreamed content will also need to be "forcibly" turned off by 10PM (local time) for users under a "youth mode" parental control.

Chinese platforms directly impacted by this new regulation include Douyin, Bilibili, Kuaishou, and the Tencent backed Huya and Douyu.

This move is the latest in China's attempt to curtail gaming addiction among the nation's youngsters. It is also part of a broader initiative to "promote what is deemed as appropriate and legal content." This comes some months after China imposed some pretty strict limitations on how long kids can play games each week.