We've all been there before. A new game is about to come out and you're gearing up for some big marathon gaming sessions. The mind inevitably wanders to the thought of "what food should I get to keep me going through these long gaming sessions ahead of me?"

Any food will do. Thank you for reading this article and have a nice day!

All joking aside, there are some snacks that a lot of people gravitate towards more than others and we're going to talk about some of them. Yes, while any food will do, sometimes you just need something that is easy to eat, quick to eat, and does not leave a big mess. So, while something like some waffles with butter and sticky syrup will do you just fine, you may want to gravitate more towards things like M&Ms or Pizza Rolls to keep the flow of gaming going.

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A lot of the foods or snacks we're going to suggest here probably aren't the healthiest choices in the world. Then again, if you're thinking about binging a game for periods of time that would rival marathon endeavors, you probably aren't going to be too concerned over snack choices. Let's start with some beverage choices here.


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The obvious go-to drinks for long gaming sessions are energy drinks. According to the list of top selling drinks on Amazon, the best-selling brands are Celsius, Monster Energy, Bang, and Reign. Now, Celsius is not one that we have ever even heard of before, nor is Bang, so we cannot really comment on how those taste. Monster Energy is a decent choice in a pinch but can leave a chalky aftertaste in your mouth.

Red Bull is also a super popular energy drink brand favored with many gamers. Red Bull is probably one of the most recognizable names out there when it comes to energy drinks. The company sponsors a ton of sporting events, namely events that are more "extreme" in nature. They also sponsor a ton of gaming and esports events all over the world. Red Bull is a bit more expensive than other options, but if you like the taste there is really nothing else quite like it.

As far as personal recommendations go, Sobe makes a citrus flavored "energy" drink called Citrus Energy. It doesn't have quite the kick that other energy drinks do, but it's a tasty beverage that includes a lot of vitamin C. An actual energy drink that we can recommend is Mtn Dew Amp. Amp comes in various flavors such as citrus, cherry, grape, and tropical punch. There is also the Game Fuel line of beverages, which also now fall under the Amp umbrella. Game Fuel Amp features a resealable lid, has 90mg of caffeine and includes theanine, vitamin A, and vitamin B.

If you would rather have drinks that are not carbonated, there are several fantastic options available to you. There are sports drinks like Gatorade that can offer you some flavor, but without the added jitters brought on by caffeine. They may not help keep you awake, but they will keep you hydrated. Gatorade and other products like it, also come in a ton of different flavors. Unlike some beverages, Gatorade can be found almost anywhere, either in the refrigerated section or on store shelves next to other drinks.

Finally, you always have the option to just go with some nice, cold water. In fact, you should be drinking water in between those other energy drinks already. Staying hydrated with simple water will go a long way to keeping your energy high. Staying hydrated is very important, though it is often overlooked when you become too preoccupied with marathon gaming sessions. Drinking a lot of water will make you need to use the bathroom more often, but these breaks will give you a good excuse to get up and stretch your legs from time to time, something else that is also important for these marathon sessions.


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Ah yes, the other half of the snacking equation: Food. Just as the case is with beverages, there are a ton of different foods to choose from for your snacking needs. We'll try to keep this one shorter, since going over all the potential snack foods could take a very long time.

Chips are always a fantastic snacking option. Chances are, if you can think up a flavor, there is probably a potato chip company out there that has that flavor of potato chip available. One of the best choices for a snack "chip" is none other than Doritos. Yes, the food that is often the butt of jokes when it comes to gamers' eating habits is also still a really viable snacking option. Doritos are great because they come in all sorts of flavors, our favorite is Cool Ranch, and because they're relatively easy to find in stores. Just have some napkins or even wet wipes handy because you probably don't want to get your controllers, keyboards, or mice covered in Dorito dust.

Some other popular snacks include things like pretzels, dried fruits, popcorn, Cheez-Its, and even Goldfish Crackers. These are all relatively "clean" snacks that can be munched on absent mindedly while you play your games. If you want to get really fancy, at least with the pretzels, you should pick up some fresh soft pretzels from a local establishment before you sit down to play. We don't want to tell you how to live your life, but fresh, warm, soft pretzels, perhaps with some beer cheese dip is almost heavenly.

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If you are hosting a big get-together with friends, say for a small LAN party, you may need something a little more substantial than smaller snack foods. An excellent choice in cases such as this would be a big party submarine sandwich. A lot of delis and shops offer up "party" sized sub sandwiches for get-togethers exactly like we're talking about here. They often allow you to customize what sorts of deli meats and toppings you would like to include on the sandwich, while also providing a lot of extra condiments on the side. Many places will also pre-cut the sandwich into easy-to-handle proportions, making it a convenient food to grab. Get some paper plates and have at it.

Pizza is also a great and highly recommended choice. Everyone loves pizza and if someone says they don't love pizza they're either a liar or someone you do not want to be friends with. Since many pizza places deliver, it's relatively easy to place an order by calling or ordering online. Just be sure to have some napkins at the ready depending on how greasy the pizza is. Ordering pizza is also a great way to support your local businesses.

Smaller foods like M&Ms, gummy bears, Skittles, peanuts, sunflower seeds, cookies, Reese's Pieces, and most everything else you can find in the candy section are also very viable options. They won't fill you up, but they are often easy pick up and eat without missing more than a second of play time. Try to have a good mix of filling foods such as sandwiches or even pizza and smaller snack foods. This way you won't go hungry, but you also won't be filling up purely on sugar.