The actor also portrayed Thenn Warg in Game of Thrones.
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Joseph Gatt, the original motion capture actor for Kratos in the pre-2018 God of War games, was arrested early on April 6, 2022. Gatt was placed under arrest for allegedly having "sexually explicit communication with a minor across state lines."

Los Angeles police issued a statement on Tuesday saying that the juvenile division of the department's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force served Gatt with a residential search warrant. Gatt was placed under arrest for an outstanding felony warrant. Gatt was then released on $5,000 bail after just a few hours.

Gatt was motion capture actor for Kratos in the God of War games prior to Christopher Judge taking over as Kratos with both vocal and motion capture performances in 2018's God of War. I have seen a number of outlets erroneously saying that Gatt did the motion capture work in 2018's game, but this is false. In addition, Gatt was only the motion capture actor for those old titles as Terrence Carson was the voice actor for Kratos prior to 2018's God of War.

Gatt also played Thenn Warg in the Game of Thrones series. He also had a number of roles in various other shows, films, and video games. He was the voice of Lord Scourge in Star Wars: The Old Republic, numerous characters in The Elder Scrolls Online, and both the Dunmer male and Altmer male voices in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The alleged perpetrator issued a statement on Twitter denying all allegations levied against him.