There is still no official release date set for the mobile Diablo.
Diablo Immortal

Blizzard has clarified some details about the release date for their upcoming mobile game, Diablo Immortal. As it stands right now, the iOS version of the game lists a release date of June 30, but that is apparently just a placeholder.

The company issued a statement to IGN about the release date situation.

"As a point of clarification for anyone who pre-registers on iOS and iPadOS, players will notice that the game is listed with a launch date of June 30. We want to make it clear that June 30 is not the official launch date of Diablo Immortal, and this is just a placeholder for the time being as we lock in our final plans. We will update the community with our official launch timing at a later date."
The confusion began when Blizzard opened up "pre-orders" for the free-to-play title on the App Store earlier today. This was in addition to pre-registration for those of us on Android devices. The store page apparently listed a release date of June 30.

While the official release date may not be June 30, it seems as though the release is rapidly approaching. Developers tend not to open up these sorts of pre-registrations or pre-orders if the release wasn't nearing.

In addition to this clarification about the release date, Blizzard also took a moment to say that players of Diablo Immortal will be able to change their class without having to start new characters. All players have to do is visit Westmarch where they can select a new class and look for their character without losing any of the progress made with previous classes.