All gamblers want to hit the big jackpot! There is no such player who is ready to leave a casino with empty pockets. However, not everyone knows that to become rich overnight, you need to play only slots with fixed or progressive jackpots but also highly dispersive gaming machines!

To make it clearer, let's say a few words about variance. All slot machines are classified into low, medium, and high variance games. The first ones delight gamblers with frequent but small payments. The latter, on the contrary, rarely give out winnings, but if the gambler is lucky enough to see the coveted combination on the screen, one can safely prepare the pockets wider! Medium-dispersion slot machines, in turn, are characterized by moderate payouts both in terms of size and frequency of occurrence. So it is absolutely up to you to decide what option works best for you.

As a rule, jackpot hunters are not interested in low- and medium-variance slots since they operate on an all-or-nothing basis. They instead choose only the hottest and the most generous games! Want to get rich too? Then, we bring to your attention a list of the 5 coolest high dispersion slots in the world; all of them come with high RTP coefficients and can bring you a lot of money in one go. Do not know what slot machines with the highest RTP to choose? Unsure which slot machines have the highest RTP? Go to Casinority — they run their own casino blog and review some of the best slot machines available on the market today.

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Why Is Dispersion So Important?

As it is written in many posts, the level of payout dispersion is extremely important. Using it, you can determine the main characteristics of the statistics of payments and analyze the potential profitability and risk associated with gameplay. That is why it is so important to know the variance of each slot machine that you plan to play for money. One of the most notable is the highly varied slot machines, which can be identified by several criteria.

Why are the highest RTP slot machines the most sought after? First of all, this is due to such their advantage as large payout ratios, which provide a high level of profitability in case of winnings. Actually, it is possible to estimate the variance by the level of the RTP coefficients.

Slots with high odds usually have an appropriate level of payout variance and vice versa. In order not to analyze each coefficient separately and not calculate the average value, you can draw conclusions on the maximum coefficient. If its value is more than x10000, then the slot with highest RTP has a high payout variance.

It is also possible to determine highly dispersive slot machines in the online casino catalog by the size of the winnings. There are high RTP slot machines that often give out prize sequences but bring small payouts. And there are slot machines with rare but impressive wins. Slots of the second category are most suitable for the description of high-variance simulators. You can hit a big jackpot in them, which will immediately cover all the costs of bets, but this is achievable only if you play free slots online for a while.

Only by playing for a long time, you can count on a large winning combination and hit a big jackpot. It is not necessary to play for real bets to identify slot machines with highest RTP. For these purposes, the demo mode is also quite suitable, in which you can play for free and without the risk of incurring financial losses in case of loss.

#1 - Pyramid - Quest for Immortality Slot — 96.48% RTP

This Quest for Immortality slot has the sensational Wild Generations option. The multiplier here grows with an increase in the number of wins in the series, reaching 10x in potential. If the gambler continues to collect wilds in parallel with the increase in the multiplier, one will receive a truly huge amount of money! If you play other games of the developer, then you know how quality and smooth the game is and how easy it is to win.

#2 - Cazino Zeppelin Slot — 96% RTP

In addition to the gorgeous function of freezing wild symbols, this slot pleases gamblers with the Wild Transfer option, which involves transferring the wilds collected during a regular game to the bonus game. If a gambler manages to form a full line of wild symbols in Cazino Zeppelin, the prize size will exceed 1000x! Apart from that, the slot machine is extremely easy to play. So you will hardly have any problems when configuring the machine, spinning the reels, and reading the symbols on the reels, especially if you use the best slot strategies.

#3 - 300 Shields Slot — 95.3% RTP

The standard mode of this game does not promise us fabulous prizes, so the main task of the gambler here is to switch to the bonus game. After collecting 3 shields, the player gets 5 free spins, as well as the opportunity to increase the multiplier up to 300x! What happens if a gambler collects 5 wild symbols at 300x? The rate will increase 12 thousand times! Just think about how much money such a function can turn into! So be ready to land a bomb right in your pocket. The RTP is quite high, so 300 Shields is quite promising.

#4 - Medusa II Slot — 94.96% RTP

The first part of Medusa has made many gamblers happy; the second one has even torn it up! How? It is all because of drum stacks with wilds! It must be said that, unlike many highly dispersive slots, Medusa II gives the player the opportunity to earn not only in the bonus game but also in the regular game. It's also great that Medusa's Turned to Stone, and Medusa's Locked Reels can appear after absolutely any spin! What does this mean? The fact that at any moment, a whole wild field can appear in front of a gambler, bringing the multiplier to 4860x. This feature makes the RTP even higher.

#5 - Book of Dead Slot — 94.25% RTP

And finally, the last god-like slot, the slot legend to mention in this selection, is the Book of Dead by Play'N Go. This is most probably the very first slot that comes to mind when it comes to massive wins over 1000x. Why is there 1000x, and how does it work? As soon as a gambler forms several wild lines, one will immediately receive the right to pay 4000x. But, of course, the higher the potential income is, the greater the risk that you should deal with. Take this into account when choosing the size of the bet in the Book of Dead. By the way, this slot machine may well give out a huge amount even at low limits.

Are We Done?

Of course, this list of highly dispersive slot machines is far from being full. However, now we have considered only the most popular and most tested slots. Since new games are released daily, the collection of slot machines with high RTP increases as well.