Everybody walk the dinosaur.
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We're rapidly approaching the spookiest of all holidays which means more and more games are rolling out their special Halloween themed events. Today, Bungie kicked off their Festival of the Lost event for Destiny 2 that brings forth creepy encounters on Nessus and the Moon, the "Jurassic Green" pulse rifle, and some special dinosaur themed gear for your Guardians to wear.

The new Haunted Sectors take place on the Moon. They are full of headless creatures and other things that go bump in the night. There's also tale of a Vex Mind and an Exo merging together into "something new and terrifying."

Rewards for your adventures include the Legendary Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle. There is also a new exotic Sparrow that you can earn. Those who complete the Haunted Sectors will also be able to earn the Bump in the Night emblem.

The dinosaur-inspired ornament sets are also now available for your Guardian to sport. The catch here is that they seem to be locked away behind the Eververse store. So uh, you'll probably have to spend real money to get those. They do look pretty rad though.

Bungie does note that Festival of the Lost isn't the last of what the Season of the Lost has in store. There will still be new and free in-game events, there's also the upcoming Bungie 30th Anniversary celebration, "and more."

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