The first free content update has been released.
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Chivalry 2 expands its battlefield this week with the game's first free content update. The update, available now for PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One brings two new maps, a new game mode, an arrow camera, new customization options, and a bunch of fixes.

Developer Torn Banner Studios is calling this one the House Galencourt update. It brings to the table the Galencourt team objective map, the Courtyard team deathmatch/FFA/Arena map, the new Arena mode, an arrow cam, and over 60 new customization options in the Armory.

This content update was released as part of the Patch 2.1.0 update for the game. Included in the bug fixes is the fact that Friends on the Epic Games Store should now finally be able to see each other online and send party invites to one another. The full changelog can be found at

Chivalry 2 is available for $39.99 (USD) for the Standard Edition or $49.99 for the Special Edition. Key features for this week's update can be found below.

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Chivalry 2: House Galencourt Update key features include:
  • Galencourt (New Team Objective Map): The Mason Army lays brutal siege to the Great Walled City of Galencourt and seat of the Agathian Church. Capture the great walled fortifications, explode the harbor’s ships, then desecrate the relics and the tomb of Feydrid!
  • Courtyard (New Team Deathmatch/Free-for-All/Arena Map): An agreement to settle the battle for Courtyard by champions duel is broken, as unsuspecting nobles are swept into the carnage.
  • Arena Mode: Experience more competitive, smaller-scale battles with a focus on teamwork in this brand-new game mode, featuring 3 versus 3 team combat with winners determined by the first to win 5 rounds. Arena Mode will be playable in special versions of 3 maps: Tournament Grounds, Fighting Pits, and the new Courtyard map.
  • Arrow Cam: Back by popular demand, archers can look forward to the return of the beloved Chivalry: Medieval Warfare feature that attaches a camera to fired arrows making for some truly cinematic action shots.
  • Over 60 New Customization Items: The Armoury will receive over 60 options for new weapons, armor, voice over, and more to customize the look of your Agatha Knights and Mason Order teams. Highlights include Argon’s Sword, the Skull Crusher Mace, Golden Leaf Shield, and more!