More graphics, more resolutions, more power, more price.
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New rumors have kicked up lately about what many are calling the "Switch Pro" upgrade for the current Nintendo Switch. This release will reportedly use an upgraded Nvidia chip that offers better graphical power compared to its predecessor. It will also reportedly feature support for Nvidia's DLSS rendering. All of this and more is supposedly coming by the Holiday 2021 season, chip shortages be damned.

The report from Bloomberg suggests the "Switch Pro" will come with a slightly larger (7-inch) 720p OLED-based screen and the ability to output 4K resolutions while in docked mode. Bloomberg suggests that there will be a new chipset offered in the Switch Pro that brings a faster CPU as well as increased memory.

All of this increased power will come with a price though. The current Switch model is being offered to consumers at a $299 (USD) price tag. The new model could see a price increase by as much as $100, according to Bloomberg's Matthew Kanterman. He does suggest that it may debut at $350, but that's being optimistic.

As with most of these rumors, neither Nvidia nor Nintendo had a comment to share.