The team decided to forfeit the season anyway over Blizzard's double standards.
Free Hong Kong Boycott Blizz

Blizzard continues to dig themselves into an ever deepening hole this week. It all began when Blizzard banned a professional Hearthstone player and took away his earnings after he voiced his support for the Hong Kong protests during a live-stream interview. The troubles continued when lawmakers and plenty of others loudly voiced their disgust over what they did. Some Blizzard employees even staged a walkout the other day to show their support for the banned player and broadcasters.

Today, it has been revealed that Blizzard has decided not to ban a team of Hearthstone players that held up a pro-Hong Kong sign during their live-steamed match earlier this week. The sign was held up by 19 year old American University students Casey Chambers, Corwin Dark, and a third player named TJammer (he asked to use his tag).

Chambers, like most everyone else outside of China, has not been happy with Blizzard's ban of professional Hearthstone player Chung "Blitzchung" Ng Wai. Prior to his match, Chambers met with his team to see if they echoed his idea to make a statement. Corwin Dark says that, "we all had the same idea."

"None of us wanted to push it on the others. We were all just feeling like Blizzard betrayed us. We care about the company and the game, and wanted to do something."
Right as the students lost their live-streamed match, they held up a sign that read, "Free Hong Kong, Boycott Blizz." The sign was clearly visible as the stream included live webcam footage of the participating teams. The stream immediately cut away to showing just a view of the winners. Shortly afterwards, it cut back to just a shot of the castors, both of which completely ignored what happened.

Blizzard decided to completely put a stop to conducting interviews with any of the winners for the rest of the night. The subsequent matches also replaced the camera feeds of the players with characters from the game itself.

All three American University players said that they feel Blizzard's decision to suspend Blitzchung and fire two casters was "unfair and draconian." They continue on to say, "We are also outraged that a company we trust would try and renege on the values they claim to hold."

"We expected to lose our accounts before the protest," the players told Polygon. "We have not heard anything from tournament admins since the match - which raises questions about how Blizzard intends to apply their standards — but we still expect some form of sanction. However, we believe that the risk we face is nominal compared to what people in Hong Kong have to deal with.

"We knew from the moment we saw the news that the Hearthstone community, as well as the gaming community in general, would not accept Blizzard’s decision to support authoritarianism. We acted not only due to our own beliefs, but to represent the dissatisfaction felt by everyone."
Unlike with Blitzchung, Blizzard did not ban the team from American University. In fact, there has been zero punishment given to the American University players.

Though Tespa has scheduled more games for the team, the three American University students have decided not to participate. They say that they will forfeit the upcoming match along with the entire season.

"We’re pretty concerned by the hypocrisy of punishing Blitzchung but not us."
Neither Blizzard nor Tespa have issued a public statement about this matter. Though Blizzard has pulled the match from the Hearthstone Twitch channel, a mirror can be found on YouTube. You can see the events of what transpired starting at 51:35 in the embedded video below.