FIFA 20 Volta

Soccer has been getting more and more popular in America for quite a few years now. Many think that it will one day break into the top echelons of US sports to sit alongside football as the most popular around. While US NFL fans look for the best PA sportsbooks for football to bet on as the season gears up for another year, soccer fans will also be looking forward to seeing how this season pans out.

Alongside the start of a new season, the big event around this time of year for any soccer fans that are into video games is the release of a new FIFA game. Developers EA Sports usually release a new installment of the title around September of each year. This year is no different, with FIFA 20 set to release from 27th September 2019 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

New FIFA titles usually have extra features included without ever greatly changing the core principles of the game. This makes it easier to pick and play if you have already been enjoying the previous version for some time. But what is new in FIFA 20 to make it worth buying and what are people’s early takes on it?

New Volta mode
One new feature included in this year’s installment of FIFA is an interesting Volta mode. This is an entirely new game mode for players to try and is essentially a street tournament mode. Indeed, you may even think it looks familiar if you ever played FIFA Street Football when it was released. It looks set to be a fun add-on to the main game with players able to customize their character to play with and express their personal style. Games take place on the street in small-size formats for that true back to the school playground experience.

Football intelligence
This new approach to gameplay looks set to raise the bar in FIFA 20. It has new in-game physics and tweak effects on the ball along with off the ball actions. Players are given more space and time on the ball with this new feature to hit that decisive pass or shot. One on one situations are set to be more common with this feature and you will have more direct control of players when defending. One cool tweak with this feature that EA has made is how the ball’s trajectory will change depending on which part of the player’s foot is used. This is set to be a major change in FIFA 20 as it offers even more authenticity and realism.

Composed finishing
One of the best things about FIFA is getting into the box and scoring some goals. A tweak for this latest version sees volleys become more realistic in their outcome when performed. This does not mean you score every time though. More realism means that they could fly out of play or into the top corner as in real life. Shooting accuracy is set to improve in general allowing for more shots to be on target while goalkeepers will be slightly less superhuman in their reactions.

Improvements to passing
Alongside the game’s shooting mechanics, the passing side has also been looked at and tinkered with. Now, the more difficult passes to pull off will be slower or more open to error to reflect the real-life game. Easier 10-yard passes and the like will be simpler and more accurate to complete for the same reason. Also included is the option to dink a pass forward or to go for a driven pass and move option. Both look set to make the gameplay smoother and fast-flowing.

What are people saying about it?
The game has not been officially released yet which means we have to rely on early reviews of the BETA version to work out if is a success. It would seem that the general response to it has been positive with praise reserved for the gameplay tweaks and the more realistic feel. Many BETA players have also praised the new Free Kick set-up which gives more control over every aspect. Some BETA testers have also revealed the ability to come up with some pretty crazy customizations to your manager’s appearance in Career mode which looks good fun! Overall, it would seem that the early response to FIFA 20 has been positive which bodes well for the full release soon.

Get ready for some high scoring action
Of course, anyone who already follows the FIFA franchise will be looking ahead eagerly to the release date in September to bag their copy. With many new features included and a good reception to the BETA version, it seems like it will be worth picking up. Even if it is only to give your manager in Career mode a rainbow-colored beard!