3D pixel art adventure games has a new entry to add to its ranks today with the PlayStation 4 and Vita launch of The Deer God. Blowfish Studios and Crescent Moon Games places you in the hooves of a deer for just $9.99 (USD).
The Deer God tellsthe story of a hunter who learns what it means to become the hunted. After setting out to bring home a large trophy, the protagonist meets an untimely end and comes face-to-face with the Deer God, who in an act of karmic retribution reincarnates him as a fawn.

Journeying through stunning, procedurally-generated pixel art landscapes, players rely on their platforming skills and wits to protect the young deer from ever-present dangers while solving puzzles to unlock new skills and abilities that will aid the pursuit of continued survival.

Deer can also go down a dark path and acquire destructive powers to unleash upon hunters and other creatures of the forest, but this could result in the eventual reincarnation as a life form lower than a deer.

The game is a Cross-Buy title meaning you can purchase it once to play it on both your PS4 and Vita. The game has already been out on the Xbox One, PC, and various mobile platforms.