Best Strategy Games

Clash Royale is one of the best strategy games out there and is a must download. Available for both iOS and Android, Clash Royale is a reflection of the old-school war games, however, it also features lane pushing game play and an interesting mix of tower defense that you have to complete within the timeframe of three minutes! Players must ensure balance between the offence and defense within the fast paced rounds as a single mistake means having to start the round all over again. This game is free to play, however, in app purchases are available if you want to level up quickly.

Best Sport Games

One of the best sports games available on the market right now is Table Tennis Touch. With its high quality graphics and swipe control, multiple game modes and the high speed gameplay, this game is extremely realistic. When playing in career mode, you are able to engage in leagues, tournaments and special events against friends in the local area and online real-time multiplayer. As well as the career mode, there are also mini games inside the app as well, such as 13 ping pong challenges that include half table, accuracy zones and skittles. This game is available for download both on Android and iOS.

Best Poker Games

Do you prefer a slightly more traditional game, say pokerBest Puzzle Games

A great puzzle game for both iOS and Android is Prune. This game is heavily influenced by the Japanese art of Bonsai; Bonsai is the cultivation of growing miniature trees into art. Players need to raise a growing plant by pruning the stray branches of the tree and taking advantage of the environment and obstacles within the game. If you are successful, you will be rewarded with a beautiful bonsai tree, full of fresh blossom. This game is a great way to relax and has a refreshing minimalist aesthetic.

Best Trivia Games