The free PlayStation Plus games for October 2015 were announced by Sony today. As usual, the folks at Sony totally didn't offer up full, $50-$60 retail games for those that pay roughly $4 per month. Pfft, how lame! Seriously, whomever heard of this Super Meat Boy game? And Broken Age? What hole in the wall studio did that crawl out of?

Look at these totally unknown Indie games that nobody has ever heard of before.
  • Super Meat Boy: PS4, PS Vita
  • Broken Age: PS4, PS Vita
  • Unmechanical: Extended: PS4, PS3
  • Chariot: PS3
  • KickBeat: PS3, PS Vita
  • Kung Fu Rabbit: PS3, PS Vita

Hopefully next month we'll have such blockbuster retail games offered to us such as Knack, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, or Godzilla.