If you play games, chances are there is a demo for you.
Text: Next Fest - A celebration of upcoming games. October 09 - October 16 at 10AM Pacific.

Demos. Livestreams. Sales. Previews. It's all here in the Steam Next Fest: October Edition for 2023. The Fest kicked off on October 9th at 11AM (PT) and will end on October 16th, so you have just one week to cram in as many new gameplay demos down your gullet as you possibly can.

Let's take a look at some of the demos that are available, shall we? I'm just going to go through and pick out some of the titles that jump out at me. Yes, I'm probably just going to end up listing games that appeal to me as a result of this method.Feel free to suggest any additional demos to check out in the comments. Preferably before the Steam Next Fest: October Edition is over.