You can save 10% off Valve's portable PC for a limited time.
A portable PC gaming device sitting inside an open carrying case.

If you've been holding off on picking up a shiny new Steam Deck because the price was just a tiny bit too high, you may want to check it out now. From now through until March 23 at 10AM (PT), Valve's Steam Deck is on sale for 10% off. This discounted price is in honor of both a year of the Steam Deck's availability and it just so happens to coincide with the Steam Spring Sale.

This 10% may not sound like a lot but6 it does add up when you remember that the Steam Deck models are priced in "hundreds of dollars." The 64GB model goes from $399 down to $359.10. The 256GB Steam Deck goes from $529 down to $476.10. Finally, the big papa model coming in at 512GB goes from $649 to just $584.10.

All models include a carrying case, with the higher two models featuring faster storage types. The 512GB Steam Deck also includes an anti-glare etched glass panel and some exclusive digital content.

All Steam Decks are said to be delivered within about 2 weeks of placing your order. When you receive your new Steam Deck, you can easily customize the startup video. Valve just introduced a direct way to change the videos and have even added 20 new videos to the Points Shop if you don't feel like adding your own.

If saving on software is more for you, then you're also in luck. The Steam Spring Sale officially kicked off a bit earlier in the day on March 16. This sale runs from today through to March 23 at 10AM (PT).