A sale to prepare you for the upcoming Holiday sale.
Steam Autumn Sale 2022

Valve just announced that their Steam Autumn Sale for the year that is two thousand and twenty-two will kick off on Tuesday, November 22. The sale begins at 10AM (PT) on the dot come the 22nd, so you may want to get your wallets, purses, and piggy banks ready now.

Not only will the Steam Autumn Sale kick off next week, but it also marks the start of the nominations for the Steam Awards. Like previous years, you will be able to submit your nominations for your favorite games that fit into a variety of categories. Valve says that there is a new category this year called "Best Game on the Go." It's probably safe to assume that these are Steam games that you like to play while going to the bathroom or, more likely, that you can play on a portable device (probably while in the bathroom).

The Steam Autumn Sale ends on November 29 at 10AM (PT).