A week to indulge your need for speed.
Steam Racing Fest

Next Monday, the 23rd of May, Valve will kick off a week of sales, demos, and trivia on all things racing. That's right, a new themed Steam Fest is upon us! This time it is the Steam Racing Fest and focuses on all things racing related.

This event, which runs from May 23 through May 30 will feature discounts, demos, and trivia. I have to assume that a fair number of "traditional" racing titles included in this along with a fair number of titles you probably wouldn't typically think about when someone asks for a "racing" game.

You can head on over to this official Steam page to gear up for next week's event.

Also, Valve provided a sample question for the "trivia" that will show up next week. You can see the answer in the spoiler tag.

Q: Who famously rapped "Beep Beep. Who's got the keys to the jeep? Vrrrooom" in a Tina Turner cover song?

a. (The) Roadrunner
b. Missy Slowdown
c. Missy Elliott

"C" is the correct answer, from The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly), which is a cover of Tina Turner's "I Can't Stand the Rain"; neither of which have anything to do with racing outside that lyric, but here we are.