Celebrating one year since the game's initial release.
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Valve has kindly informed us today that they put Half-Life: Alyx on sale for a whopping 40% off of its regular price. This sale comes exactly one year since the game's initial release to all PC virtual reality players back in 2020.

Valve has also decided to shine a spotlight on some of the best mods created for Half-Life: Alyx. Valve notes that there have been over 800 mods for the game, so finding some of the best might prove to be a bit challenging. Thankfully, they enlisted the help of journalist Craig Pearson to narrow the search down a fair bit for the best mods out there.

Valve also wanted to remind fans that they fairly recently released the developer commentary update for Alyx that adds about 3.5 hours of commentary into the game. The development team also wanted to give thanks to the gaming press that gave Alyx "Game of the Year" nods like GameSpot and Destructoid. Curiously, they must have missed ours. Ah well, maybe next time.