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Developer commentary for Half-Life: Alyx was just added to the game today. This new feature offers up over three hours of audio from the development team that worked hard to bring the world a new Half-Life title in 2020.

This covers nearly every aspect of the game's design from start to finish. It's also available in subtitles for over 10 different languages.

These three+ hours of audio commentary are spread out over 147 different points of interest in the game. Here, you will learn about aspects covering design, art, animation, rendering, sound, and more. All you need to do to check out the developer commentary is start a new game with developer commentary enabled. Within the game you will see floating headsets. Simply grab the headset and place it on your head for the commentary.

It should go without saying that you'll probably want to have played through the game once ahead of time to avoid any spoilers.