You could say that it's back from the dead.
Dota 2 Diretide 2020

Back in the far off time of 2013, Dota 2 had a special Halloween event called Diretide. It was fairly popular back in 2012 and the community had clamored, to put it nicely, for it to return in 2013. Since then begging for its return has become a bit of a meme with the community. Alas, some memes do become reality and here in 2020, where literally anything is possible and probable, Diretide has made its return once more.

The main event of Diretide is the game mode with the Diretide name tied to it. It's a best of five match fight that tasks you with trying to collect and steal candy from enemies while fighting against Roshan. The best part about this is that while Halloween is just two days away (at present), Diretide will stick around until December 22. That's almost two full months to get your Diretide fill in!

Diretide Points will be earnable from playing either the Diretide game mode or regular, boring Dota matche4s. For everyone 100 points you earn, you will get one of over 75 unique items. Those 75 items can be viewed over at the official Diretide website for 2020.

And then if you want even more sick loot, there will be Hallowed Chests of the Diretide that drop. Like with most lootboxes, these can be opened with keys purchased with real money. There are over 60 additional items to be earned in these chests. Of course, you could always just sell your chests, or the items inside of the chests, on the Steam Marketplace for a few pennies here and there.