Three videos showcase almost 10 minutes of new gameplay.
Half-Life: Alyx

Valve is starting to ramp up their Half-Life: Alyx media coverage. Today, the development studio released three brand new gameplay videos for their upcoming VR-only title, Half-Life: Alyx.

These videos show off a variety of environments and gameplay mechanics. In addition, it also shows off the different ways in which players will be able to move around the environments in their virtual play areas.

The first video shows off game mechanics like weapon upgrades, wearable hats, environmental interactions, and searching through the environment to secure components and ammo.

The second video starts off with some puzzle solving in a virtual 3D space in order to unlock a door. You also get a look at a shotgun weapon type at work, an alien grenade, and some gooey alien environments.

The final video focuses almost entirely on a shootout sequence between Alyx and the Combine. Beyond the typical shooting mechanics, the video showcases how you will be able to use your environment for various types of cover. You also get a look at some os the sneaky places ammo may be hidden. We also get a look just how annoying Manhacks will be in VR. Perhaps the most interesting part is seeing how you can modify your weapon on the fly, with the video showing that you can turn it into a makeshift grenade launcher in a pinch.

Pre-orders for Half-Life: Alyx have already been live now for a little while. If you have not yet done so yet, you can pre-order it right now through Steam.

In addition, Valve is giving everyone that has managed to purchase a Valve Index some special Half-Life: Alyx themed content for SteamVR. This special SteamVR content drops on Wednesday. Sadly, it seems as though the availability of the Index is still severely limited. Valve also announced that there is some new and returning Half-Life merchandise available for pre-order.