The new tour will feature Street Fighter 6.

The Capcom Pro Tour 2023 season was officially announced this past weekend alongside a $2 million prize pool. This cool $2 million figure include a grand prize of $1 million for the Capcom Cup X, which is now the largest ever cash prize for a Capcom Cup winner.

The 2023 season for the Tour is expected to begin this summer and will include offline, online, and regional World Warrior battles. The focus for this new season will be on the upcoming Street Fighter 6. You can register or get more information on the 2023 season of the Capcom Pro Tour by visiting the official Capcom Pro Tour website.

Street Fighter 6 will be out on June 2, 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. There is no mention of an Xbox One release.

Also, if you were wondering who won this past weekend's Capcom Cup IX, it was none other than MenaRD. MenaRD hails from the Dominican Republic and defeated Zhen of China to claim the title of best Street Fighter V: Champion Edition player in the world.

An eSports player hoisting a large trophy above his head as confetti falls down around him.