Oh, but don't worry, the trash that is NFTs will be purely optional in this game.
Off the Grid

Gunzilla Games is still working on Off the Grid, a "next-generation battle royale" that is the brainchild of District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. We really haven't heard anything about Off the Grid since its initial reveal in May, but today we have learned that Gunzilla is incorporating an NFT platform into the game that is called GunZ.

GunZ will utilize the blockchain to facilitate in-game item trading. You will be able to purchase in-game items from other players and keep those items for as long as you want. Take comfort in the fact that as you lay on your deathbed at the age of 88, you still own a digital, overpriced piece of content for a game that died decades prior.

Gunzilla says that trading will be totally optional and that there will be no progression or features locked behind any sort of paywall. Gunzilla also says that they will never sell NFTs directly to players, meaning that all of this NFT nonsense will just be between you and the guy looking to scam a few of his closest friends.

Gunzilla claims that this move to incorporate GunZ into Off the Grid stems from the fact that in free-to-play games, players like you don't actually get to keep the in-game items they earned or paid for. Those items are just gone when the game shuts down or if you are banned. But hey, that sick monkey skin you bought for that AK? That's yours to keep forever, buddy. Hell yeah. Go you, you've... earned it?

Here's what Gunzilla CEO Vlad Korolev says about this in a statement.

"You do not, and cannot, own anything. Anyone can read the EULA of any game to verify this. If you’re banned, for example, any item can be taken away from you, even if your ban is accidental. When you stop playing any free-to-play game, the money you’ve put in also disappears.

"We are re-inventing the system, putting the power back in the hands of gamers, and are using blockchain technology to make this happen. With OTG and GunZ, we are creating a universe that will set a new standard for the industry."
Careful now, dear reader, your eyes are getting dangerously close to being detached if you roll them back any further.