The idea of mobile gaming has taken a drastic turn. We used to think of mobile gaming as an app on our phone, or a website on our computer. But today, gaming has taken to groundbreaking heights, creating new worlds, endless opportunities, and even ways to make a living.John Vitti

Gaming today is endless. With the introduction of the metaverse, gaming allows players to enter new worlds of their own, have immersive experiences, and a more interactive form of play than ever before.

But that isn’t even the best part. Mobile gaming has also become a way for players to make money! Yes – you can earn money while playing video games. As crazy as it sounds, there are plenty of different ways that gaming companies have created for their players to get back what they put in. For example, there might be prize money allotted to players who enter a tournament. Or, gamers can stream their live play on various platforms and make money based on their engagement. They can even get sponsors for it! Still, it gets better. Companies are now creating opportunities to monetize with the click of a button.

“I want to level the financial playing field and give the masses the opportunity to reach financial wealth and have fun doing it,” said CEO of VersusGame, John Vitti.
VersusGame is one of the biggest mobile gaming empires that utilizes monetization. Test your knowledge and predict the outcomes of your favorite topics. The more you know, the more you earn! With the click of a button, you can earn big money. You can play against your friends and even your favorite celebrities.

One of the reasons this industry has become so successful is because of the pandemic. When companies went remote, a lot of them did not come back to in-person stores, eliminating the need for hundreds of thousands of jobs – and ultimately workers. With the increase in unemployment, people were looking for work that wasn’t just going to pay the bills, but stood the test of the pandemic, both during and after.

At first, it seemed like a huge downside. Tons of people are unemployed, the economy is doing poorly, and a world full of people who are scared to think about what the future may have in store. Gaming was a way for many people to find that escape. And because of that, the gaming industry elevated from being a pastime to a full-time.

Compared to other side-hustles, the gaming industry has proven to be a great and enjoyable way to make some extra cash. Think about it – by monetizing your gaming, you can play anywhere, anytime. Instead of commuting and/or working a 9-5, you can set your own hours. Play whenever you want, and even better, wherever you want. How cool is it to make money from the comfort of your own bed? In addition to the flexibility of mobile gaming monetization, you are sure to find something you enjoy doing.

1. Do your research

Make sure the game you are playing and earning from is legit! With any big form of monetization, there are a lot of scams. Before putting in any personal information, make sure that it is a solid company.

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2. Look for additional ways to earn

One of the coolest things about monetization and mobile gaming is the different ways to earn. You don’t have to play for 8 hours a day to earn the amount you desire. For example, the brand we spoke about before, VersusGames, has a way to earn money through referrals. Refer a friend, and earn 5% of their earnings. It is that simple! You don’t have to play the most to earn the most. Just think outside the box.

3. Choose the best path for you

There are tons of ways to monetize your gaming. But to make your experience worthwhile, choose the type of monetization that best fits your needs and personality. If you are looking to earn a little extra cash when you have time, an app that monetizes might be best for you. If you are looking to break into the streaming industry, looking into games that do well on those platforms might be your next move. Whatever your monetization goals, there will be an app that helps you reach them.

4. Invest, invest, invest!

Let’s say you're not really into the gaming aspect. Maybe, you are looking at this from a business perspective. The mobile gaming industry is the greatest place to invest in now. Gaming is quickly taking over our ‘traditional entertainment,’ also known as movies and television, and becoming the new, mainstream way of having fun. This industry also stands the test of the pandemic – gamers can and will play anywhere, anytime, under any circumstance. Most importantly, technology isn’t going anywhere, it’s only growing more advanced. If you are looking to drop your anchor anywhere, the mobile gaming industry is where it's at.

5. Have fun

Remember, the gaming industry is a great way to monetize, but more than anything, it is a way to unplug from your stress and plug in to feeling your best. Monetization is something you can add to almost any game you enjoy. But make sure that you are enjoying it first and foremost.

In short, gaming is here to stay. And it is not just a great way to unwind, but a great way to make extra cash, and even turn into a full-time job. Gaming for a job used to be something that everyone would dream of. But with today’s technology, monetization has allowed your gaming dreams to become a reality. So what do you say – ready to win big?