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Recently, Qualcomm has hinted about the smartphones getting a speed boost with the Snapdragon 888+ processor. The advanced smart processor launched earlier this year in smartphones such as Galaxy S21 has a supercharging chipset to back up a robust CPU. Qualcomm successfully increased the device's clock speed to 3GHz with the 888 version. It also has increased its module's AI to a remarkable level of 20%. The improvement is likely to benefit online media by better streaming video and games, immersing the user in a new world of visual experience. The company also confessed that its makers are in charge to develop 130 designs of 888 and 888+ Snapdragon varieties. The third quarter will experience an influx of more devices with 888+.

Fueling a new level of entertainment; Snapdragon 888
The Artificial intelligence integrated gameplay is one super specialty of the Snapdragon processor. As per the new CEO Cristiano Amon, Snapdragon is all in in an effort to grant a premium experience to handheld devices with Android OS using the latest technology. In the incoming Congress of Qualcomm with giants like Google and Samsung, 5G is a hot topic. The discussions on advancement in the field will entice chip-makers, networking professionals, designers, and gamers in the congress.

With the pandemic setting boundaries and curtailing shipments, 5G has emerged to be a critical topic. The enhanced technology, which is 10 to 200 times faster than its predecessor, is now addressing issues in all regimes such as tele-medicines, video meetings, internet learning, blockchain and a lot more. 5G has also contributed to the advancement of entertainment mediums such as online betting and video streaming. Due to the popularity of online casinos among internet enthusiasts, several new casinos are being introduced with exciting offers, free bonuses and promotions every month. The 5G has also made the transactions secure and fast. Check them out if you are looking to spend your free time with some earning.

AI changes the world. The advancement of AI and VI are also helping people embrace the technology of 5G. In the US, even the ultra-fast wave version present in standard devices of Apple such as iPhone 12 is all set to change the perception of people on technology. Qualcomm recently asserted its view of exerting the technology beyond the limit to help people experience a new digital era for the benefit of the countries. The company also revealed a 5G RAM platform with the release of 888+. The mm-wave technology is expected to expand to all places across the globe. The low band 5G modalities and the densification of small cells are yet another highlight feature for private networks. Nevertheless, the accelerator card of 5G DU X100 will stay to be advantageous in terms of superior performance and power efficiency.

Qualcomm and the Game quick touch of Snapdragon
Snapdragon is now enhancing the touch responses. For the eSports industry, touch response is a crucial factor that determines the pace of a game. Of course, ultra-smooth game play is a dream of a professional gamer. Hence Qualcomm has introduced the feature of quick game touch that impacts latency positively. Touch latency influences several factors, such as the v-sync and frame rate of a game. Qualcomm's new technology latency is just milliseconds which results in faster responses. The testing shows that the new feature can reduce the game latency to about 20%. Hence a pro-gamer experience is just at your fingertips with Snapdragon888. Here are some sites to play online games for free.

Variable-rate shading (VRS) technology
As we all know, VRS was only available on PC's and some advanced generation systems. Snapdragon's elite Game is shortly launching VRS to mobile games as well. VRS technology helps the GPU to cope up with the workloads. The technology increases efficiency by about 40% in mobile systems. Of course, the impact on games is worth noticing. A 30% increase in-game performance is heavenly in comparison with the previous models of Snapdragon. Snapdragon's holistic view, as per reports, is to change mobiles into high-end gaming devices. Hence, the company is determined to push its innovations a little more for fruitful outcomes.