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Gamers worldwide have been using Discord to call friends and play together for years. The app has grown in popularity, with more than 130 million users on board. Nowadays, it's not just gamers joining the chat - even musicians are finding it useful! Do you love playing video games with your friends but find that the chat in-game is not enough? Do you want a more immersive experience? If so, then try adding some amazing bot features to your gaming platform. Here are some great bots for gamers! We've compiled a list of 10 of the best bots for both gaming and music sessions so you can find your perfect fit!

What are discord bots?

Discord is a voice and text chat app that gamers worldwide have used for years to play with friends. It has grown in popularity, with more than 130 million users on board! Nowadays, it's not just gamers joining the chat - even musicians are finding it useful. If you love playing video games with your friends but find that the chat in-game is not enough, try adding some amazing bot features to your gaming platform!

You can use it for streaming or music, or even text and voice chat. For example, a gamer might want a bot that plays music based on the location's weather overtime on demand. A musician might want a bot that recognizes what song is being played on the radio or their own Spotify. Some pretty cool bots are already available for this purpose, such as JukeBot and weather_on_demand; Discord itself comes equipped with excellent music features!

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Why use discord bots for gaming?

The best discord bots may not perform a human moderator's tasks, but they can certainly take away plenty of work. The more functionalities you want your bot to have, the heavier it will be and the more system resources it will require. Discord bots are used for all sorts of things ranging from moderation tools or music bots to simple calculators or in-game currency trackers.

You can use the best discord bots for moderation tasks like banning spammers, muting trolls, and checking the player's messages for offensive content. You can also use discord bots for fun things like playing music in the room based on the weather of your location over time, sharing YouTube videos, or checking the weather. Think of discord bots that are non-essential yet the most useful part of your gaming experience. Visit for different bots and tips and tricks on how to integrate them on your discord.

Some discord bots for the gaming community:
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1. Onebot: Also known as league of Legends, Onebot brings together the worldwide community of league players who boast of their LOL skills. You can keep your community active and engaged with Onebot, which provides you the platform to play fantasy league of legends with your community. You can use Onebot to track live esports events to watch, find pro esports teams and players, and play fantasy LOL with your discord server.

2. Patchbot: Patchbot is used by all the gamers to stay updated and in line with their favorite games, the latest changes, and recent additions to their favorite gameplays. You will require a subscription (premium or normal) for you to receive notifications for your games. Patchbot will include notifications from PUBG, Fortnite, LoL, Starcraft II, Diablo III, and much more. It has a very good web presence and helps you keep ahead of your game, ready to put in efforts for your next big win. Patchbot has an easy setup and subscription facility along with patch notes for added benefits.

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3. Twitchbot: Streamboard allows you to use twitchbot that is great for streamers and discord gamers. It can play audio from live streams directly to the voice channels in your server. You can enable 'live role notifications' to notify if any user on the server has the streaming status; you can also play random clips, update game stats and stream info, and send custom messages with links to up to 25 people.

4. Guilded: As a gamer, you are already familiar with organizing and scheduling teams and events. When you create events on your team's event calendar, guilded will remind you when the event is approaching and also allow your teammates to mark their presence for the event. It also updates your group chat and equips your server with integrated calendars noting the dates and forums. Each gamer has to have this amazing bot to schedule and organize the server and events.

5. Medalbot: Medalbot allows you to submit content that appears on your medalbot profile; you can use it to share clips, upvote them directly through Discord. Medalbot also allows you to earn points and medals when interacting with the content, chatting with people on your server. Medals and social points for socializing on a social platform: how amazing is that!. You can also stay in touch with the latest games at all times through the medalbot, along with random clips on your feed and upvoting clips that you find interesting.

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6. DiscordRPG: This bot lets you play an interactive roleplaying game inside of your discord server. It's perfect for when you're waiting on someone or if it's late and everyone has gone home.

7. Charlemagne: This bot gives users access to a library of lore from various games, including World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. You can even add new entries to the database yourself!

8. LFG Bot: This bot helps players find groups and send event messages that you are looking for a group for your play. You must only use the commands from the existing command list to serve you better. It leaves no trace, and commands are automatically deleted that are not valid. Or immediately after processing. You may also use this bot for event managing and setting up a separate LFG channel to send messages.


With a list of bots on your hand, you have the freedom to choose whichever bots you want to enhance your gaming experience and use your Discord with even more customization and power. You may add one or all of them; some of them are free, while you may have to pay some price for others. Discord bots allow an amazing amount of customization, additional advantages, and automation for your server and discord account.