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When the world is going crazy with cryptocurrency then how can Casinos be untouched of it. With the increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies in almost every sector, people have also started the use of bitcoins in a mobile casino. Even many casinos have also begun to accept bitcoin instead of cash.

The rate at which bitcoin captured the European and North American market, it was not at all surprising to see its emergence in the casinos. Nowadays you can easily find a bitcoin casino anywhere in Europe or America.

A bitcoin blackjack is where you deal in bitcoins instead of cash for placing bets. It's as simple as this. Bitcoins are simple, faster and more convenient in a transaction. Also, it's way more secure than cash. As no government has the central authority over bitcoins, it cannot be unduly seized.

Why use Bitcoin in the casino?
The most tantalizing aspect of Bitcoin's digital currency is that it is supplied in a totally decentralized manner. Neither government nor an individual have the control or can pull any strings to alter the functioning of bitcoins. This is wonderful because he/she gets to carry the cash when a player plays at Bitcoin Blackjack without being under the government's excessive control. Governments do not seize Bitcoin winnings, and deposits are processed by the casinos faster without any delay or check from the government.

The casinos can process payments instantly because there is almost no human participation and interference in Bitcoin. This also ensures that at the click of a mouse button, anything can be done. Bitcoin withdrawals are much faster and simpler compared to withdrawing cash winnings. That is why people, as well as casinos, have started preferring bitcoins over cash.

Bitcoin Blackjack rules
The blackjack games require a 52-deck card to play. Casinos usually put two decks of cards to make it hard for expert people to guess and count the cards. The simple objective of the game is to get your hand value greater than that of the dealer. Also, your main mission is to get as close to 21 as you can get. We call it "Blackjack" in the rare case when you get value 21 in the first two cards which are drawn.

The cards ranging from 2-10 are worth the same as their face. The other cards like a king, Queen and Jack each carry value 10. Ace has the value of either 11 or 1.

Winning strategies of Bitcoin Blackjack
Winning strategy in bitcoin blackjack depends both on your cards as well as the dealer's hand. To make sure that you win every time you play bitcoin blackjack whether online or in real-time casinos, we have listed down winning strategies.

Here are some simple strategies for Bitcoin blackjack that you can follow:
  • If the dealer's card is a good one (7-10 or ace), until a limit of 17 or more is reached, you can draw cards.
  • If the dealer up card is a bad one (4-6), as soon as the dealer reaches 12 or higher, you should stop drawing. The premise here is that if there is a chance of going bust, you shouldn't take a card. You just hope the dealer manages to hit more and goes past 21.
  • You can stop with a limit of 13 or higher if the dealer's up card is an average of one (2-3).
  • The "soft hand" is called the combination of an ace with a card other than ten. For instance, 7 or 17 can be counted as an ace and 6, so if you take one more card at 17, you have no chance of going bust. This is why the hand is referred to as soft.
  • You can keep on hitting more cards with a soft hand until a limit of at least 18 is reached.
  • You should still double-down for a total of 11.
  • For a limit of 10, whether the dealer has a ten-card or an ace, you can double down.
  • For a total of 9, if the dealer has a card between 2 and 6 can you double down.
  • You should always consider splitting Aces and 8s.
  • Generally, whether the dealer has an 8, 9, 10 or an ace, you can always split 2s, 3s, or 7s.
  • 6s can not be divided unless there is a bad card for the dealer (2-6)
  • If you have a card of value 10 or 5 then you must never consider splitting it.

The acceptance of bitcoins in the casinos has taken the casino games to new heights. Finally, we can see casinos being digitized when they have started dealing in digital currency. But while playing bitcoin blackjack, you must always be cautious of fraud and keep a check on your privacy—play bitcoin blackjack to win big and enjoy instant withdrawals.