Gaming and gambling are more connected than ever before. Nevertheless, many developers still don’t add gambling to their games. We believe this is a problem and that they should do the opposite or better said the right thing. Video games can feature a full or partial online casino and related casino games which brings a few perks.

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More fun

The first and the most important reason why developers should add casinos or at least matching games to their creations is fun factor. Gambling is fun and appealing. If a player can find it in a regular game, he will definitely use it. This makes the overall gaming so much better, more appealing, and more interesting. On the other hand, there are no complications or issues of any kind. You were able to see these perks already available in GTA and Red Dead Redemption and you may want to know the outcome. For instance, players in GTA have been trying to enter the casino for a long period of time. They can do it now and most of them do enjoy games, private benefits and the overall fun. In a game of this kind, a casino has a huge role. It makes it more realistic and offers more possibilities.

If you are looking for a real online casino, someplace where you can enjoy the best gambling, you will need additional help. Finding a casino all by yourself can be a hassle. Luckily, you can use professional review where all the best casinos are with best payout pokies are tested and get a great casino bonus for free. This is just one of the many perks you can get.

We must add that during the pandemic, you should stay at home. Playing a game that allows you that or simply experiencing a virtual life that looks a lot like a real life is beneficial. You will have fun and a great time while staying safe. This should be your goal at the moment.

Earn money to become VIP player

Most video games are freemium these days. What this means is that you can play it for free, but you need money if you want to upgrade, unlock specific features, and more. You will need real money for that, and you may need large amounts. But imagine a scenario in which that game has a built-in casino. You will be able to play the games, win in-game money, and use it to become VIP player. Yes, this also means that games will make more money for developers, but it can be defined as win-win situation.

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Playing this kind of games can help you get what you always wanted for less. In simple terms, you can finally get a car, house, clothing, or anything else in the game using your casino money. In the case of GTA, you can see that players can use in-game money to purchase a suite, better parking, or even a helicopter. If there is not a casino in the game, you wouldn’t be able to get these perks.

There are no rules when it comes to VIP perks. They depend on a game itself and they are countless in the lack of a better word. You can customize your character, do more things, have more fun, and use the game loot to the max. Players can have full level of fun during the quarantine without any complications.

Learning how to gamble

You may believe that gambling is not very popular and that there are many gamblers out there. You will be surprised with the facts. There are over 1.6 billion gamblers all over the globe. This number is increasing as we speak, and it has been measuring a steady increase for a long period of time. More and more people will gamble at some point in their life. Add the fact online gambling is more sophisticated than ever before and you can deduce why this form of entertainment is so amazing.

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When you play a casino game for the first time, you are a beginner. This means that a new player needs some knowledge, skills, and basics. It is also worth using the best proven online casinos. For example, you can read a review on Skrill Casino to learn about the benefits of this service. Getting all of those in a regular game can only be seen as an advantage. Many games allow you to play casino games for free and to learn how to play Blackjack, roulette, and many other. These are skills people can use later when gambling for real money. Losing or winning virtual money in these games can be linked to the aforementioned advantages as well, but it is generally an important advantage we like and we believe soon will become more common. Add more games, loot boxes and you can see the full potential.

Here we can add that some developers are adding multiple casino games. In GTA, you can play most table games, other games offer slots and so much more. Playing live casino games is probably reserved for the future at the moment.


Adding casinos to video games is one thing that can provide multiple benefits. Players can learn how to gamble, can use that winning to become VIP, and can have more fun. Drawbacks? There are not any. We all know that gamers prefer games with these perks already and they, including us, would like to see more examples.