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The Master Levels for DOOM Eternal have been few and far between. The game launched with just one Master Level, or two if you had pre-ordered. There was a promise of more to come in the future. Thankfully, there is a new one available right now.

Today, a new Master Level was released for DOOM Eternal. That brings the total up to a whopping three Master Level maps. Fans can download and play the Super Gore Nest Master Level. To those unaware, Master Levels are remixes of existing DOOM Eternal levels. They add in additional enemies and change up the encounters from the normal game.

Super Gore Nest will also be featured under the Classic Mode option. This mode kind of tries to mimic the old Doom experience by starting players with only the combat shotgun. Yes, old Doom levels started you with the pistol but the pistol doesn't exist in DOOM Eternal. You will need to procure additional weapons on site. If you beat the level on Classic Mode, you get the Class Green Slayer skin.

The release of the new Master Level coincides with the release of DOOM Eternal on the Xbox Game Pass for PC. The release on Game Pass will happen on December 3. Of course, the new Master Level is available on all platforms that DOOM Eternal is available on.