Colorful and wholesome AF.
Button City

Button City is super wholesome. How wholesome is it? It's super wholesome, complete with an extra emphasis thanks to italics. That's how wholesome it is. Button City is an upcoming colorful narrative focusing on the ideas of friendship and community. It was one of the many games unveiled during today's Wholesome Direct and is being worked on by Subliminal Gaming.

Fennel Fox is the new kid in town. They're trying to make friends with all sorts of animal pals like pandas and rabbits. You will do so as locations like the coffee shop, grocery store, and local arcade. There will be actual mini-arcade games to enjoy within Button City such as Gobabots, a 4v4 action game. Fennel will need your help joining the local eSports team called Fluff Squad. Their goal is to become the best Gobabots team around.

Unfortunately, greedy fat cat Peppermint Pepperbottom has other plans. If he gets his way, he’ll tear down the arcade in his heartless pursuit of profit. Fennel, the Fluff Squad and their rivals must band together to save the arcade, preserving Gobabots and other playable arcade cabinets including a drift racer and a high-energy rhythm title in this low-poly adventure accentuated by synth-pop tunes from the same musical team that worked on Guildlings.

“We wanted the visuals and music to invoke feelings of nostalgia for summer fun at local arcades, where new friends bond over the most popular games but there’s a little bit of something for everyone,” Ryan Woodward, Lead Programmer, Subliminal Gaming. “The hijinks our furry pals get up to in Button City are larger than life, but the story’s heart is really about that sense of community and standing up together as one to protect the things we love.”
The new video for Button City focuses on the gameplay within Gobabots. Two teams will go head to head to collect the most fruit by harvesting them straight off of the plant or prying them from the hands of the opposing team. Avatars can be customized by using eight collectible toys that slow into the arcade cabinet.

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Button City is a low poly narrative adventure about a cute fox named Fennel and his animal friends embarking on an escapade to save their local arcade from closure at the paws of greedy fat cat Peppermint Pepperbottom.

Enter a quirky world of pastel colors, spunky animals, rockin’ arcade games, and floating islands. Make friends, play arcade games, solve puzzles, and complete quests around town as you follow a story about friendship, growing up, and saving the things that are important to you.

  • Make friends with rabbits, pandas, and other cute animals
  • Master 4v4 arcade game Gobabots with your new critter pals
  • Enjoy mini-games like drift racing and dancing to pumping beats
  • Unlock new costumes and game modes at the arcade prize counter
  • Feast your eyes on colorful low-poly aesthetics