The popular action-RPG title finally arrives on Switch.
Children of Morta - last supper artwork

After seeing a fair bit of success on the PC, PS4, and XB1, the highly regarded action-RPG Children of Morta is out today on the Nintendo Switch. Developer Dead Mage brings the game to Switch owners through the Nintendo eShop for $21.99 (USD) with a physical retail release hitting on November 22.

Children of Morta blends together an overarching story, rogue-lite mechanics, and RPG mechanics into one experience. You play as a family full of heroes, the Bergsons, as they fight to protect their homeland from an ancient evil. Each generation of the family will inherit the virtues and the flaws from past generations.

Marek Ziemak, executive producer on the game says that there is a roadmap for 2020 is in the works. This was just a teaser though as that roadmap is not yet ready to be revealed.

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Children of Morta in a nutshell:
  • GAMEPLAY - It's a unique mix of the action-adventure RPG, rogue-lite, and hack and slash genres. By leveling up, you develop not only individual characters but the entire family as a whole. There is no permadeath and you can change family members between dungeon runs.
  • STORY - The story takes place in a distant land but copes with themes and emotions common to all of us: Love and hope, longing and uncertainty, and the loss and sacrifice we are willing to make to save the ones we care about the most. Ultimately, it's about a family of heroes standing against the encroaching darkness.
  • DUNGEON CRAWLING - All the dungeons in the game are procedurally generated, which means their layout is different with each adventure. There are two to four levels in each dungeon, with a unique boss fight at the end. You can always get back to the previous dungeons to get extra XP or finish all the side quests.
  • CHARACTERS & SKILLS - Ranged attacks, magic spells, blocks, stuns, evasions, and passive skills - it’s all there for you to discover, unlock, and upgrade. You can choose from six different family members, each one having unique skill sets.
  • ART STYLE - A combination of hand-painted pixel art and frame-by-frame animations paired with modern lighting techniques bring the beautifully dangerous world of Children of Morta to life!
Thanks to a partnership with Merge Games, the retail edition for all platforms will be available on November 22nd. For gamers who love extra spicy limited editions, there will be PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Signature Editions that include a pocket artbook, enamel pins, and more.