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It is anticipated that the Finnish gambling sector will confront with modernization and changes within the coming months. To halt race with other offshore operators Veikkaus is attending to contribute almost 8 million euros onto creating more casino games. In the coming months, he will hold talks with leading developers in order to add new gambling slots.

As for now, Veikkaus is the only operator permitted to supply gambling services both on offline and on online conditions in Finland. Veikkaus is supposed to produce about one billion euros a year. Moreover, this money is used for the common good and for Finnish society. In spite of appeals from industry stakeholders, the Scandinavian government for many years firmly adhered to its position that a monopoly model gives superior security for Finnish players and is the best choice for betting for Finland. By the way, by now the most popular online casino in Finland is Vera&John casino.

In any case, the laws in force in the country did not stop worldwide online gambling operators from serving nearby clients. The Finnish state operator has presently chosen to strike back and attempt to ease competition from these illegal companies by modernizing its proposals.

Prior, the Finnish daily paper Hämeen Sanomat reported that Veikkaus plans to contribute from four to eight million euros in modern recreations for online casinos. In expansion, the Finnish gambling monopoly has started negotiations with the largest content providers for online casinos. It is expected that new gambling offers will be released within another few months.

Saving money from gambling in Finland

The Finnish gaming system is ruled by one basis: to reduce possible danger and risks in gambling and to give security for all Finnish users. Veikkaus do everything possible to prevent gamers from blackmail and fraud and to make player’s time useful and their money protected. It offers safe entertaining and practical gaming experience.

As part of the company's plan to produce a competitive product that will guarantee Finnish players from unregulated global operators, Veikkaus brings fresh online casino games. About 1700 professional workers have huge experience in the betting field. Besides Veikkaus’ beneficiaries are effective and it is known that they work in many different fields, for example in science, social media, social work with youth, sport, and culture. The money, which beneficiaries have, is assigned by compatible ministers.

Statistics show that over the last few years, the unregulated gambling market in Finland has increased dramatically. Agreeing to gamble consulting firm H2 Gambling Capital, the final year the Finns put more than 286 million euros on worldwide gambling sites. It is expected that the size of the unregulated sector of the country this year will exceed 300 million euros. It is worth noting that local players are increasingly turning to offshore operators. Last year, for example, they spent about € 286 million on illegal rates.

Jan Hagelberg, head of the casino games division at Veikkaus, told local media:

"New matches will be taking place in the coming months, mostly internet slots. We also intend to invest up to EUR 8 million in the upgrading and improvement of online gaming content in the coming years."
President and Chief Executive Officer Olli Sarekoski said:

"Veikkaus must enhance its activities in order to be successful in the global rivalry. We want to pay attention to responsible gaming in the future, minimizing the harm associated with betting and directing income from this segment to the good of the Finns."
Last fall, Veikkaus' first partners in the new undertaking became known. With Yggdrasil gaming and NetEnt, the operator has created alliances. Both businesses come from neighboring Sweden and are one of the major online gambling content providers.

The companies will also reconfigure their land-based gambling activities as Veikkaus prepares to pay more attention to computerized deals. Earlier this year, there was news that the operator would stop operating with board matches in restaurants across Finland. The cuts will result in the dismissal of 400 employees. Meanwhile, the popularity of Veikkaus services is not declining. The amount of customers is increasing and the operator's revenue rises with them.
It was detailed earlier that Veikkaus intends to give up the current tables of gaming. Also, remember that Finnish casino operator Veikkaus turnover in 2018 fell by 2.4 percent.