Desmond Etika Amofah

Earlier today, the New York Police Department confirmed that they found the body of Desmond "Etika" Amofah. Etika, as he is widely known by countless fans and multiple gaming communities, was reported missing six days ago. Over the weekend, a handful of Etika's personal belongings were found on the Manhattan Bridge.

Prior to that, Etika had uploaded a near eight-minute long video to YouTube in which he talked about suicide. The video prompted concern from his fans believing that Etika was going to hurt himself, or worse. It was shortly after the video went public that Etika went missing.

Etika's body was pulled from Manhattan's East River on Monday evening. Desmond Amofah was just 29 years old.

In 2012, Amofah began creating videos on YouTube. In this short span of time, his online handle, Etika, came to be known far and wide having amassed well over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube and Twitch. He rose in popularity by playing and reacting to Nintendo games. His genuine excitement and reactions were infectious.

There is no saying just how long Etika has been dealing with mental health issues. All we know is that the first public signs of his deteriorating mental condition began in October 2018. It was then that Etika had sabotaged his own YouTube channel by uploading porn to it. He also made various remarks about commiting suicide on social media and on Reddit.

In April 2019, Etika posted frantic messages and multiple slurs in a number of social media posts. Shortly after, he again made headlines when he threatened to commit suicide in his apartment. He spent the better part of an hour yelling down from his apartment window to the growing number of police officers on the street below. He streamed this event to nearly 19,000 of his fans. The police eventually got into his apartment where Etika was detained and later admitted into a hospital for psychiatric evaluations. In May, Etika assaulted a police officer (or security guard) in yet another outburst. This again led to another trip to the hospital.

Etika's final video, since pulled from the public eye by YouTube, provided one last look at how mental illness can hit anybody, at any time, and with any level of severity. Etika's brother, Randy, passed away in late 2010. He is survived by his mother and his father, Emmanuel.

"I’m sorry for leaving such a stained legacy. I hope that my story maybe helps to make YouTube a better place in the future where people know boundaries and limits and how far things should go. You know I wasn’t suicidal before — I really wasn’t. But one thing I didn’t realize was that the walls were closing around me so fast. I really had no intention of killing myself but I’d always push it too far. I guess I am mentally ill."
He said, "it was a fun life." He continues on, "I had a great time. It was great. But for it to be cut so short - it's fucked."

In the United States, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24-hours at 1-800-273-8255. Many, many countries have their own suicide crisis lines or support resources. Befrienders Worldwide has a wealth of information to help you.